Monday, June 18, 2012

New Listings and Bead Soup Blog Party

I'm slowly getting my jewelry pieces listed in my shops.  The following are my new listings for my Fine Silver shop Petalo Azul

Faceted Labradorite and my Fine Silver Charms 
Fine Silver Hoops I fabricated, hammered and oxidized.

Faceted Mystic Labradorite and my Fine Silver Charms

After a long hiatus, I also recently opened my Etsy shop Colibri Designs and put in a few pieces there.  I love all kinds of jewelry, so there I have my jewelry pieces I create with beads and gemstones.  I put a link to both my shops on the side bar here on the right.

Also exciting, is that I've joined Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  I decided to join to help me get those creative juices going after my long break from working with my beads and maybe get out of my comfort zone.  I tend to gravitate to a certain delicate style of jewelry design and I'm looking forward to receiving beads that may be different than what I'm used to purchasing.

Last I checked, there were 397 participants from all over the world.  This in itself is exciting.  Lori will pair us with a partner and we will exchange a focal bead, spacer beads and a special clasp.  Once we receive our beads, we will post a photo of them on our blogs.  Then we are to design and create a piece and share a photo of that piece on the day of our assigned party date.

Thank you to Lori for hosting this great event (this is the 6th party) and letting us connect with other creative people from around the world.  Can't wait to see everyone's work. 


  1. Oh my. I see two more pairs of earrings that I like.
    I've got a problem....LOL!!!

  2. looking good, sandra :)

    btw, that critter is just a harmless mexican salamander

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah I looked up the little critter. Very strange looking thing, lol

  3. Hi Sandra, excited about being your bead soup partner. Love the charms you create.

  4. Ms Sandra, these jewelries are lovely! I bet that your creative juices will normally spring forth as you continuously get exposed to your craft. Joining the new group too will surely enhance your skills and is a great means of getting to know people who love doing the same thing. I am excited for you. Hope you post your future work for everyone to admire!

    Have a great week ahead! :D

  5. Hello Sandra,

    I just visited you etsy shop, love your sense of taste to select pieces and put them together. The combination of glass and metal
    is lovely.

    Keep the good work, yours is so unique.


  6. The first pair of your earrings is soo beautiful!

  7. Hi Sandra, Isn't blogging just wonderful? The more groups you join and team up with --the more people will see your gorgeous jewelry.. It's a great network -and so is Facebook.

    You are very talented --and I'm sure you will go far with your business...

    About Tennessee's land---here on the Cumberland Plateau, we can dig down about 6 inches and find ROCK... That's why so many of our flower beds are raised!!!!!! Fun Fun!!!