Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Monday

Rockin' song!


  1. I LOVE the Black Keys SO much!!! I've like them since I first heard them on satellite radio. We saw an interview with them on CBS sunday morning news about 6 months ago that was really cute.
    Funny story; most days lately I wake up singing: GOLD on the ceiling.
    AND I can't get rid of it for the entire day.
    This video is so cute and funny. That guy totally burnt some calories!

    1. yup, gold on the ceiling is catchy!

  2. The Black Keys are really awesome. I simply love their music. And this video is quite hilarious and every entertaining. Thanks for bringing a smile on my face today. Just felt a bit down. But after viewing your blog post, I think I’ll be alright. Thanks a lot for making day!

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